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Who lawyers are – and what they do – matters. We believe impact occurs when your personal, professional, and spiritual lives are in balance, integrating faith with life and work.

Global Advisors

Meet professionals from around the world who help carry the vision of FLAG

How to Know God

Would you like to know God personally? What does it take to begin a relationship with God?

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Connect in Community


Lawyers face unique joys and challenges through the work we do. The satisfaction of success is sometimes overwhelmed by stress in court, frustrations in the office, and the needs of our families. FLAG offers opportunities to connect to God and to others in the legal profession who understand your joys and struggles. Through events and groups, you will find wisdom, encouragement, and fellowship. We want to equip you to integrate the practice of your faith with your practice of law so you can impact your community and the world.




Connect to God

An essential element for success is your relationship with God. Knowing him enables you to demonstrate godly justice in a life of integrity. FLAG is committed to engaging all peoples with the good news of the gospel and inviting them to follow Jesus. When we connect to God, we also are united to one another as cherished brothers and sisters. We are committed to love well and listen well. This allows every lawyer to Influence the world by reflecting God's heart for all people. 




Connect With Other Professionals

As lawyers in a global network, we live and work in many places, representing diverse cultures and generations. We are committed to being a community that embraces ethnicity in ways that bring healing, growth, and unity. 

FLAG is a movement, not simply a professional networking opportunity. It is important to connect with other lawyers who understand the demands of a career in the law and the challenges you face each day. Because we understand the challenges of having a successful practice, it’s vital for lawyers to encourage one another, to grow and have the kind of impact that creates lasting change.



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