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Who lawyers are – and what they do – matters. We believe impact occurs when your personal, professional, and spiritual lives are in balance, integrating faith with life and work.

Global Advisors

Meet professionals from around the world who help carry the vision of FLAG

How to Know God

Would you like to know God personally? What does it take to begin a relationship with God?


As a group leader, you will represent FLAG to your group members. We care about our brand and reputation and the experience leaders have as they engage with FLAG.

There are 3 key criteria we feel are essential for group leaders. 

  • Commitment – you are committed to the time and dedication required, which is about 1 hour per week for a year (breaks at Christmas and July/August).
  • Culture – you fit the core distinctions of FLAG.
  • Christian – because of our spiritual development component of FLAG, group leaders are required to be committed and mature Christians.


If you fit the group leader criteria, the following steps are designed to help you start a group: 

a.       Interview with a leader

b.       Lock in group details

c.       Take our Group Launch Training 

d.       Launch your group 



Starting a group is pretty simple – but it’s not easy. We’re here to help you with:

1. Starting a Group - Training videos

2. Group Leader Coaching

3. Global LeaderHub - Coming soon

The first step is to fill out the Start a Group form below, then we will set up a time to connect.

Have questions? Contact flaginfo@cru.org Or call 407-826-2047



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